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Insert lead capture banners into the 3rd party articles you share

Click on one of the demos below to see it in action. All clicks and email captures are recorded for analysis.
Wrap a third party website (like an article) in your own call to action. Your brand on their content.
Go a step farther and collect and manage email subscribers directly from third party content. Never lose another lead.

Master Your Marketing Through Advanced Analytics

Track exactly how your audience is responding to your content and how it correlates to your email list. Each like, view, share and retweet is recorded for comparison in one centralized dashboard.
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    Emails Captured

Manage Your Full Team and Their Access

Make sure that only the right people have access to your accounts without giving root access to your social medial accounts. Approved users and team members can be added and removed as necessary with full control over their permissions.

Drive More Traffic and Leads

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