Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Lasi?

bloggers, Startup teams ,  thought leaders, Marketing managers and  job seekers make up the majority of people benefiting from consistent content marketing with Lasi. Anyone who wants to maintain a good standing with their target community and be the top provider of relevant information on their industry try Lasi for free

What happens if I made an error on a social media post?

Don’t worry, we all can be blind to typos … Lasi gives you 30 seconds from the time you click “post now” to cancel going live and edit your post.

Can I save a social media post as a draft for later date?

Absolutely, simply start creating a social post and click on the arrow in the min posting button to see a an option to move to drafts the post. You can also do this through a book looking icon in the top right of your social post form

What online news outlet and blog sites accept Lasi’s CTA Link technology for email capture and redirects?

BBC, Techcrunch, and literally thousands of other publications accept our technology. Try capturing email from readers engaged in reputable relevant content that supports your needs.

Why does Lasi ask for information bout my social media accounts?

Whenever you are adding a social account Lasi will inform you about the details you are providing us. We only ask for data that allows us to integrate with your social network accounts.

What engagement analytics does Lasi provide?

Lasi slingshots social media engagement analytics into the realm of email. From one simple dashboard you will see which of your posts generated the most likes, shares, clicks to read the article, and analytics beyond social media like CTA link redirect conversions, email captures, and from which social network the reader came from,

Unlike Buffer, Lasi tracks how a reader interacts with content BEYOND social media. You can track the number of times a reader clicked a call to action button to visit another sites of your choice….The Lasi community reports that the most valuable knowledge is knowing with exact  post generated the most email subscribers and the social network that referred them to that post.

How does Lasi compare to Sniply?

Lasi gives you the ability to capture email for free. Lasi also tell you the social network that referred traffic to your link. And most importantly, you can schedule dozens of social media posts with CTA Links, which is something Sniply does not offer. All of this is free forever.   

How does Lasi compare to Buffer

Just like Buffer, Lasi is outstanding at letting you schedule and share  dozens of posts to the top social networks and track how your posts perform. Lasi, offers AI assistance  in it’s viral validator to help you optimize your post’s ability to spread through the web. in Lasi though does something unthinkable and enables you to capture email from the posts you share. With Lasi take social media to the next level and expand your email list and understanding of your top performing content. Unlike buffer, Lasi informs you which post had the most views, likes, shares, clicks, and most important.. Email conversions feeding your bottom line. Oh, and this is included in the free forever version, which we my regret in the near future…

Where do I see email subscribers  generated by using Lasi CTA email capture links?

Just go to Engagement page from the main menu in the left side of the app. You will then see a page with charts and a table . At the top you will see a big menu which will contain “subscribers” tab ll the way in the right corner. Once you are in your subscribers page, you can download the CSV and load into products like Mailchimp or Excel.

Can I edit my Lasi generated content after it goes live and is activated?

Absolutely. When you create a CTA link, you have the ability to edit the Call to action later if you realize that you want to bring attention to top performing message or you have a specific event  page or product you want to funnel traffic too.

Does Lasi have Artificial intelligence, AI?

Lasi is a smart system that helps you optimize your content based on best practices like adding hashtags, tagging key influencers and including a link or image. Similar to Blog SEO optimization tool Yoast , Lasi shows you when your post is optimized when all the little red lights have turned green.

Can I match buttons colors to the color theme of third party content?

Yes, it’s super easy! If you are on a mac, you can use our built in color picker to match the exact color of a website to your Lasi CTA link button. If your on another device, simply use your favorite color picker and plug in the hex value into the appropriate field and watch magic happen. Try it out right now.

Is there a free version?

Yes, free forever. Schedule dozens of social media posts, track engagement levels and grab emails from people reading 3rd party content from top newspapers and blogs.  Bloggers, Jobseekers and businesses have a right to grow and it is our mission to help out on the content side as much as we can. Stop neglecting your content marketing now.

Can Lasi CTA links be used outside Lasi software like Bitly short links?

Yes. Just copy a Lasi generated short link and share it in email, Whatsapp, Skype, and how ever you like. We made it super easy to give your readers 3rd party content and your very own content

Does Lasi provide support?

Yes We Do. You can contact us directly in the profile and settings section of the Lasi. You can contact us via our mail Or via the Feedback feature with Usersnap widget floating  at the bottom left corner of the app on every page. For best results, please specify clearly your problem and provide screenshots too. Our team is ready fto help you at all times.

Do you have a Hebrew speaking support?

Just write in Hebrew and one of our team member in Israel will reply

What social network does Lasi work with?

Lasi can work with these social networks:

Facebook           – Profile, pages, groups

LinkedIn              – Profile, pages

Twitter                – Profile

Pinterest             -Already being worked on

Instagram-          -Already being worked on

Will be available for free in our upcoming releases.

Does Lasi deal with Instagram?

We are working on adding Instagram to Lasi in the upcoming releases. Be the first to experience it.