Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Lasi?

Bloggers, Startups, Influencers, Online Marketers, Community Managers, Big Brands, Agencies and many others… Anyone who wants to be able to capitalize on other wise lost traffic will want to use Lasi.

What online news outlet and blog sites accept Lasi’s CTA Link technology for email capture and redirects?

BBC, Techcrunch, and literally thousands of other publications accept our technology. Try capturing email from readers engaged in reputable relevant content that supports your needs.

What engagement analytics does Lasi provide?

Lasi provides views, clicks, conversions, lead gen source and much more. You are able to compare and analyze the performance of your links. 

Where do I see email subscribers  generated by using Lasi CTA email capture links?

Just go to Engagement page from the main menu in the left side of the app. You will then see a page with charts and a table . At the top you will see a big menu which will contain “subscribers” tab ll the way in the right corner. Once you are in your subscribers page, you can download the CSV and load into products like Mailchimp or Excel.

Can I edit my Lasi generated content after it goes live and is activated?

Absolutely. When you create a CTA link, you have the ability to edit the Call to action later if you realize that you want to bring attention to top performing message or you have a specific event  page or product you want to funnel traffic too.

Can I match buttons colors to the color theme of third party content?

Yes, it’s super easy! You can use our built in color picker to match the exact color of a website to your Lasi CTA link button. If your on another device, simply use your favorite color picker and plug in the hex value into the appropriate field and watch magic happen. Try it out right now.

Is there a free version?

Yes, free forever! We also have premium subscriptions for those who need a little more power.

Can Lasi CTA links be used outside Lasi software like Bitly short links?

Yes. Just copy a Lasi generated short link and share it in email, Whatsapp, Skype, and how ever you like. We made it super easy to give your readers 3rd party content and your very own content

Does Lasi provide support?

Yes We Do. You can contact us directly in the profile and settings section of the Lasi. You can contact us via our mail Or via the Feedback feature with Usersnap widget floating  at the bottom left corner of the app on every page. For best results, please specify clearly your problem and provide screenshots too. Our team is ready to help you at all times.

Do you have a Hebrew speaking support?

Just write in Hebrew and one of our team member in Israel will reply

What social network does Lasi work with?

Lasi can work with all social networks, forums and apps that accept sharing URLs.