Turn Every Shared Link into Conversions

Lasi Fetches You Leads Not Likes


Lasi is Built by Conversion Optimization Pros

Start increasing your traffic and conversions and stop losing traffic opportunities from shared links

Wrap articles, references and other people's sites in your call to action. This turns lost traffic into leads.
Display an email form and built your subscriber lists. Social and shared traffic enter the top of your funnel faster.
Invite team members to help you track results, optimize and even integrate tracking pixels.
Learn from your results and optimize your links to increase your conversions. Normal conversions with Lasi exceed 5%.

Copy And Paste a Link You Want To Share

We Place a Call to Action, Ad or Email Capture Form on Top of the Content.

What Makes Lasi Different?

Frustrated with bad results from pricey agencies peddling more likes and followers, we built Lasi to give control back to businesses through capturing lost traffic and more leads. We want social media to have a clear ROI.
Lasi was built for newbies to pros. Our dashboard centralizes all the most potent growth tools so you only need to learn 1 interface... Not 10!

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