Effortlessly Schedule & Optimize

Content Marketing + Social Media

Lasi is Your Growth Companion

A single dashboard to schedule posts to social media, build your email list and analyze the results.

Super simple one click posting enables you to schedule posts for optimal times and post to all social networks at once.
Never lose traffic again with third party links. Wrap each page with a unique CTA or email capture form.
Advanced analytics let you map the relation between social content, email signups and ultimately revenue.
Make sure the right people have the right access without needing to give away root social account passwords.

What Makes Lasi Different?

We've automated and bundled the highest impact and lowest barrier growth channels into one efficient growth machine.
Lasi was built for newbies to pros. Our dashboard centralizes all the most potent growth tools so you only need to learn 1 interface... Not 10!

Everything You Need In One Place

Social Media
Imagine all of your social marketing at your fingertips. One click and you can distribute unique content to each one of your profiles. You can even use our recommended times to post while you sleep. Never worry again if you remembered to post to social.
CTAs & Email Marketing
You typically lose a lot of traffic when you share a third party article. Now you don't... Wrap each one of your links in a custom CTA or email capture form and leverage other people's content to build your list and increase sales.
Advanced Analytics
Keep track of performance across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more all in one place. In addition you can see the growth of your email list in relation to the performance of your content.
Team Management
Never give root access to social profiles again. Your entire team or specific individuals can gain access to the right places. Never worry who has access to post publicly or not.

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